Light unit
The light unit has been designed specifically for off-road mountain biking and for this reason the light unit is helmet mounted. For fast, single-track this is the ONLY way - we know we've tested it. The light is easily tilted for 'on-bike' adjustments and easily fits to the helmet with a Velcro strap. The light housing is CNC machined aluminium and is thermally designed to be as lightweight as possible, while still keeping the LED's cool enough to give a trouble free long life. The housing is tough enough for any eventuality on the trail and leaves the complete helmet assembly weighing only 79g (incl velcro strap & pad). Total weight for the light unit, including a 2.6Ah battery and harness is 328g, which will give 3hrs50min on full pwr, 14Hrs on the mid setting or 20hrs on the min setting or there is the option of a 5.2Ah battery.

The light unit uses three of the latest Cree XPG LED's giving out a truly awesome 1000lumens of light, just see the beam shots! The light is operated by a single switch to give three power levels.

Thermal Throttling
The light can be programmed with other options, but we think this works best for MTB use. The electronics include thermal protection for the LED's so that if the housing temperature goes above 70degC the power level will switch to the mid setting until the housing has cooled. This is very unlikely to happen outdoors, but could occur indoors if the light is left on the High setting for a period of time. This will automatically save the main LED's from any permanent damage.

Battery Life Indication
The electronics also give an indication of battery life via two small Red LED's (one in the switch and the other in the back of thr light housing) and also by flashing the main LED's. Indication is given at 50% left, 15mins left and 1min to shutdown.

Weather Proof
The whole system is pretty well weather proofed and we've been using these connectors on previous version for several years now. If you want to be convinced how waterproof the whole system is see the pics.

Coloured Bezel
There is also a choice of coloured bezels Gold, Red or Blue.

Operation and Wiring Harness
The LED unit is microprocessor controlled giving three brightness levels, battery life indicator (located in rear of light unit + switch) giving 50%, 90% and 100% battery life warning, thermal throttling to protect the main LEDs and ensure reliability. All control options are accessed from a single push button switch with a short double push to switch on and then a short push to toggle between the mid and high setting. A long push will go back to the low setting and if kept pushed will switch off. Other options are available.

The wiring can be neatly attached to the helmet, shoulder straps and water pipe with the supplied Velcro straps. The wiring is long enough for various cable routings but we've found the best way is out of the top of a Camelbak and to follow the water pipe over the shoulder, with the switch attached to the chest strap using the supplied carbon spring clip. Alternatively the battery can be carried “roadie style” with the battery in a rear jacket pocket and the cables routed under the jacket. We use one of the best sealed and durable connectors on the market. Its ideally suited to keeping out the crud normally associated with mountain biking and will easily outlive the standard commercial connectors found on other products. The last thing you want is for a connector to fail or come unplugged while on that fast rocky descent!

Description Cost  
LiteOption RAY-3a Light kit (includes LED light unit with choice of coloured bezel - Gold, Red or Blue, wiring harness, 2.6Ah Li-ion battery and charger)
LiteOption RAY-3a Light kit (includes LED light unit with choice of coloured bezel - Gold, Red or Blue, wiring harness, 5.2Ah Li-ion battery and charger)   Apply
LiteOption RAY-3a LED light unit with choice of coloured bezel - Gold, Red or Blue, wiring harness.  

Notes :- Postage and Packing is 5 for UK/Ireland, contact for price for overseas delivery.
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Technical Specification:
Weight: 328g (Total lighting system including battery, harness and light assembly),
199g 2.6Ah Li-ion Battery
50g Standard Harness
79g LED Helmet Assembly
Dimensions: LED unit => 35mm dia x 35mm long
Battery => 70x38x38mm (LxHxW)
Base => 35mm x 40mm (LxW)
Switch/Power Harness length - Swt 850mm/Power 950mm
Power: 1000lumens min.
LED: Triple LED using Cree’s latest XPG R5
Electronics PWM control to give two outputs from a single lamp, selected by a three-position switch.
Mounting Position: Helmet (handlebar option available soon)
LED Housing material: CNC Aluminum
Run Time: Max Setting = 4 hours, Mid Setting = 14hrs, Min setting > 20hrs
Battery: 2.6Ah Li-ion - using latest cell technology, compare our run times!
Charger: Intelligent fast two-stage Li-ion charger for correct charge termination. 3hrs fast plus trickle charge.